Work-free childhood to child labour and street life

4 May, 2022

Child labour is a contested issue globally. I want to call the attention of the CHIFA community to an editorial I have written on the subject for Acta Paediatrica. It links, e.g., the global discourse on child labour to my own research in Guinea-Bissau and Iceland. See <>


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CHIFA profile: Geir Gunnlaugsson is Professor of Global Health at the University of Iceland. He graduated with a medical diploma (MD) from this university with post-graduate training in paediatrics (PhD) and public health (MPH) at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. Research and publications on, e.g., breastfeeding, infant and child mortality, child development and abuse, measles, cholera, and health systems in Iceland, Guinea-Bissau and Malawi. He was the General Secretary of ISSOP International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health in 2009-2017, and currently chairman of Africa 20:20 an Icelandic NGO to promote interest and knowledge on sub-Saharan Africa.