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4 November, 2022

Dear Geoff and all,

Thank you for your message on 25 October [ ]

You said: "The main thought that I had about this was whether, while bearing in mind concerns about digital behemoths like Google, there is some acceptable way in which HIFA could engage with Google (in the first instance perhaps with the speaker mentioned above) given their stance on the importance of taking a 'citizen perspective' on health information, (e.g. perhaps they could become one of HIFA's supporting organisations)?"

Yes, it's notable that the Google and HIFA missions are in full alignment:

- Google: 'to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful'

- HIFA: 'to promote the availabiliy and use of reliable healthcare information'

We have previously made contact with Google (2020) and invited them to engage with HIFA. We icluded a clear proposal and suggestions for next steps. We had an initial response by email asking for more information, which we provided, and then we did not receive any response despite repeated follow-up.

Sometimes it can help greatly to have a personal introduction. I would like to ask: Does anyone on HIFA currently work for Google, or know someone who works for Google, especially at mid- or senior-level management? If you are willing, please get in touch with me so that we can take this forward.

Best wishes, Neil

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