World NTD Day: WHO and partners call for renewed global efforts to unite, act and eliminate neglected tropical diseases

30 January, 2024

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30 January 2024 Departmental news

On World Neglected Tropical Disease Day 2024, WHO is calling on everybody, including leaders and communities, to unite and act to address and eliminate the inequalities that drive neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and to make bold, sustainable investments to free the estimated 1.62 billion people, in the world’s most vulnerable communities, from a vicious cycle of disease and poverty. NTDs continue to disproportionately affect the poorest members of the global community, primarily in areas where water safety, sanitation and access to health care are inadequate.

Significant progress

In 2023, remarkable progress was made in the global fight against NTDs, bringing us closer to our goal of controlling, eliminating and eradicating these diseases worldwide...

In light of these challenges, WHO and partners call for a renewed and united effort for WNTDD 2024 under the theme “Unite. Act. Eliminate”. It is only through collective action, leveraging the expertise and resources at the national, regional, and global levels, that we can overcome the challenges that prevent us from defeating NTDs effectively and sustainably.

WHO remains committed to leading the NTD agenda, working alongside governments, partners, and communities to ensure a future where NTDs are no longer a public health concern.


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