Didier Demassosso represents HIFA at the Pan-African Health Conference, Yaounde, Cameroon, 8-10 April 2019

17 May, 2019

HIFA Country Representative Didier Demassosso (a former winner of CR of the Year) helped to organise, facilitate and present at the Pan-African Health Conference in Yaoundé, Cameroon: Addressing health challenges of rural and marginalized African communities.

Didier focused his presentation on HIFA and the role that accessing and making available health information has in empowering populations everywhere and especially in rural areas to have good health. 25 participants decided to become HIFA members and are now participating on the HIFA-English and HIFA-French forums.

Didier concludes: "This conference was important because it highlighted and showed what and how NGOs do and can do to develop African health systems. It matters that INGOs and other stake holders in health collaborate more with local NGOs. In Cameroon, I intend to see how well the recommendations of the conference are picked up by Cameroonian health authorities, especially the Ministry of Public Health. The next Pan-African Health conference will be held in Nigeria. A copy of this report will be given to the Ministry of Public Health in Cameroon."

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