HIFA Annual Review 2016

24 June, 2017
HIFA Annual Review for 2016

Please find here our HIFA Annual Review for 2016.  Thank you to everyone for making this such a successful year!


  • Membership increased to over 16,000 in 176 countries
  • 100s of global health discussions in 3 languages (En,Fr,Pt)
  • Launch of new website: www.hifa.org
  • Collaboration with WHO to implement HIFA in all UN languages

3 new HIFA Projects: 

  1. Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice. Sponsors: WHO, TDR, The Lancet
  2. Evaluating Impact of Health Information. Sponsor: BMA
  3. Health Partnerships. Sponsor: THET

29 new HIFA Supporting Organisations, giving a total of 289 organisations worldwide that officially support the HIFA vision. HIFA volunteers increased to 200, including 144 Country Representatives in 75 countries. Volunteers make a critical difference to our work. Find out how you can get
.  We are grateful to 34 organisations and 6 individuals who provided financial contributions to support our work in 2016, totalling £32,355.

"Many thanks for this report. It is really extraordinary to see how HIFA has grown and how wide its reach has become. I think it is the most important discussion forum in the area of health information and health more generally in LMICs, and makes a critical contribution to linking health workers, health researchers and health managers across the world. Few forums are able to do this so successfully. Congratulations on this achievement."
Simon Lewin, Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the  Health Services and Medical Research Council of South Africa