HIFA appeal and local event - teaching children about health

7 July, 2019

HIFA launched its fundraising appeal on 14th March at the HIFA office in Charlbury, UK. 

A total of 15 individuals are now giving regularly to HIFA through a monthly standing order, raising nearly £3,000 per year. Those who have agreed to be named are listed on our Donate page (see Personal donations 2010-2019): 

On 29 June we had a stand at the Charlbury Beer Festival, together with Clare Hanbury of Children for Health. Clare ran a series of fun activities to teach young children about diarrhoea and pneumonia. She captivated them with three activities: the leaky diarrhoea doll, pneumonia stone, and origami salt and sugar measures. Children went away with a goodie bag and sticky HIFA badges.

All in all, we helped to raise awareness of HIFA in the local population. We are planning to do more such events in the near future.

Huge thanks to Clare and our local volunteers Juliette Barrell and Ben Nicholls for their help.