New 5-minute video: How HIFA works with WHO to improve the availability of healthcare information worldwide

29 August, 2019

We are delighted to announce a new 5-minute video on the HIFA YouTube channel. Isabelle Wachsmuth (Communication and project manager, Universal Health Coverage and Systems, World Health Organization, Geneva; Lead moderator, HIFA-French. introduces Healthcare Information For All. She ends with with a focus on multilingualism and a call to action for publishers to improve the availability of health research in languages other than English.

HIFA is grateful to Isabelle and others at WHO for the wonderful collaboration we continue to develop, including Memoranda of Understanding for HIFA-Portuguese (2009-present), HIFA-French (2010-present), and HIFA-Spanish (2018-present). We are currently exploring the potential for launching HIFA in other languages. It is vital that we address the healthcare information needs of those who do not speak English, and that we support global health communication in different languages. We continue to explore new ways to work with WHO and others to accelerate progress on meeting healthcare information needs worldwide as a prerequisite for universal health coverage.

See also: HIFA Project on Multilingualism

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