Universal Access to Reliable Healthcare Information: A Global Stakeholder Consultation

13 August, 2023

HIFA is launching a global consultation on 21 August 2023! 

The goal of universal access to reliable healthcare information is a vital but neglected global health issue. Currently high-level commitment is virtually absent and there is no strategy to accelerate progress. 

This HIFA-WHO consultation is the first vital step in a 3-year collaboration plan agreed with the World Health Organization in 2022 when Global Healthcare Information Network (the UK non-profit that administers HIFA) entered into official relations with WHO.

The consultation aims to demonstrate massive public support for the goal of universal access to reliable healthcare information, and to inform action by WHO and partners in 2024 and beyond. It seeks the views of all stakeholders in the global evidence ecosystem (health workers, patients, researchers, publishers, policymakers, library and information professionals...).

The centrepiece of the consultation is a public online survey that officially launches on 21 August and will be available until 30 September. The 5-minute survey is already available in 9 languages and you are invited to complete it. The survey is complemented by dynamic discussions on the multilingual HIFA online forums happening now (join here). A report will be delivered to  WHO to inform action in 2024.

The consultation is facilitated by a team representing HIFA, WHO, JBI, EBHC2023, E4GDH, The Lancet and other leading organisations. 

This work represents the culmination of more than 15 years of collaboration between HIFA and WHO: How HIFA works with WHO to improve the availability of healthcare information worldwide

Our target is 10,000 survey responses. We need your help to publicise the survey to ensure that we reach this target and thereby demonstrate massive public support. Please share the URL widely - www.hifa.org/survey2023 - and invite your colleagues and contacts to complete it!

A Communication brief is available here and a ZIP file containing graphics for use on social media can be downloaded here

Together we can stop people dying due to lack of reliable healthcare information.

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