Universal Access to Reliable Healthcare Information: A HIFA-WHO Global Consultation

8 June, 2023

HIFA is launching a global consultation in August 2023!

The consultation aims to:

  • identify opportunities and challenges towards universal access to reliable healthcare information, and
  • demonstrate and promote public support for the goal of universal access

The survey will be complemented by thematic discussions on the HIFA forums in four languages (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish) and key informant interviews.

The survey will inform WHO, HIFA and partners to prioritise action in 2024 and beyond. We also aim to raise the visibility of access to reliable healthcare information as a neglected global health issue, and to start mobilising the high-level political and financial support that is essential to make it a reality.

The consultation is led by a team of volunteers representing HIFA, WHO and leading organisations including The Lancet and The BMJ. This is the first vital step in a 10-step collaboration plan agreed by HIFA and WHO in 2022 when Global Healthcare Information Network (the NGO that administers HIFA) entered into Official Relations with WHO. 

This work builds on more than 15 years of collaboration between HIFA and WHO: How HIFA works with WHO to improve the availability of healthcare information worldwide

We are now looking for help from others to publicise the survey to ensure that thousands of people complete it. 

For more information, contact HIFA Coordinator Dr Neil Pakenham-Walsh: neil@hifa.org

We are grateful to the following organisations for their financial support of this initiative. We invite other organisations to help us achieve our fundraising target for the consultation: £12,000 (US$15,000).

Note: In addition to fundraising for the consultation, HIFA is also inviting contributions to our work in 2024 and beyond (total budget = £150,000 per year).

Platinum sponsors (£2k+)

Gold sponsors (£1k+)

Contact: neil@hifa.org

Silver sponsors (£500+)

Contact: neil@hifa.org

Bronze sponsors (£100+)

Technical partners: