Eduardo Bianco

Eduardo Bianco is a medical doctor and Cardiologist, Certified Tobacco Cessation Expert with a Master's in Prevention and Treatment of Addictive Disorders. Bianco also has a degree in International Relations. Currently, he is Director of International Policy Education in Addictions of the Frank Foundation for International Health and Member of the Interim Policy Committee of the Global Alliance for Tobacco Control (GATC). He had a prominent role in promoting smoking cessation, tobacco control, WHO-FCTC implementation and NCD control in his country (Uruguay) as well as in Latin America for over 25 years. Bianco participated directly in most of the development process of the WHO-Framework Convention on Tobacco control and in the Sessions of the Conference of the Parties to this treaty. He was Director or Tobacco Control Program of InterAmerican Heart Foundation, Regional Coordinator for the Americas of the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA), Chair of the Tobacco Expert Group of the World Heart Federation and Technical Director of the MOH Center for International Cooperation for Tobacco as well as Founder and Former President of the Tobacco Epidemic Research Center (CIET) in Uruguay.