Jackton Kaijage

Jackliv Events Management Services

Jackton Kaijage, has been the Country Representative of HIFA in Tanzania since November 2014. So far he has been awarded three Commendation Certificates by the HIFA Secretariat. He retired prematurely in early 2016, after expiry of his two year fixed term contract as the Chief Librarian for Kibaha Public Library (KPL) at Kibaha Education Centre (KEC) in Kibaha Town Council in Pwani (aka Coast) region in Tanzania. He is featured on: Facebook; LinkedIn; Africa Jumpstart Academy (AJA); the Commonwealth Foundation; Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) in Tanzania, etc. He is talented in: English > Swahili and Swahili > English Translation/Interpretation; editing and proofreading technical works including Master's and PhD. dissertations and theses; and using his right 'mysterious hand', which was bitten by a poisonous snake when he was just two-years old in 1960, to write 85% of Christian-faith building themes and 15% of themes geared to transform perverted truths globally including, among others, "12 benefits of using todate library services in poor nations like Tanzania, the infallible essence of me and you, proven principles of lasting success, and eight splendid verses in the Bible!" Mr. Kaijage is also featured on the Translators without Borders (TWB) global network. jajolika15 AT gmail.com