Miriam Chickering


Miriam Chickering, RN, is the CEO of NextGenU.org and the Founder of Nurses International. Mrs. Chickering specializes in globally scaled solutions for healthcare and education. The programs she directs have and continue to make a lasting impact worldwide: NextGenU.org provides learning materials through 300 universities, Nurses International creates critically needed learning materials for nurses in 147 countries,  HumanitarianU.org has trained over 30,000 humanitarians globally, and Public Health U trains 140 Masters-Level Public Health students each year from 50 countries. Mrs. Chickering received the 2021 Humanitarian Service Award for Transformative Global Leadership in Democratizing Education from NHSD/Humanitarian Pakistan and was a co-recipient of a 2021 award for Translating Science into Nursing Education from Sigma Theta Tau.