Paul Kasoma


I am Paul Kasoma born on December 26, 1993, in Nsabaya Hospital, graduated with a bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology passionate to working with vulnerable groups who do not access the information necessary in their lives. I am a believer of change in systems in aligning with the changes in the 21st century. I have attended a number of conferences, summits, and workshops both inside and outside Uganda. I am a subscribed Member of NetSquared-Uganda, Internet Society Uganda Chapter, Communications Without Borders, among others. I love working and spending time with computers as it broadens my brain, I love   designing websites, traveling and adventure, research and report writing, reading novels, working and sharing with poor communities, encouraging and working with youths in development programs. I am an advocate for Social Justice, Human Rights Defender, development practitioner, trainer, blogger, communication enthusiast who has vast experience in working with Youths and women through Youths in Technology and Development Uganda the organization I founded at the  age of 20. I enjoy analytical thinking and creative problem-solving envisioning the world where there is equality and all rights are respected. I believe that innovation is the pillar of sustainable development forward progress. I have proven ability to combine vision, creativity, and strong project management acumen with well-developed leadership qualities believing that people achieve astonishing results because they have Desire!! Desire creates commitment and helps you to overcome obstacles.