Alcohol Use Disorders (18) Stigma (2) Do people understand the harms of alcohol? (1)

5 February, 2024

Dear All,

I'm Miriam Chickering, CEO of We aim to democratize education across critical areas, including health and addiction.

Firstly, I'd like to extend my gratitude to Eduardo for initiating our discussion with a comprehensive overview of the health consequences associated with alcohol use underpinned by WHO data and relevant literature. His message serves as a crucial foundation for our forum's work.

Reflecting on Eduardo's points, it's clear that despite significant evidence of the harms caused by alcohol, there remains a pervasive lack of understanding among the public, policymakers, and even health professionals. This gap in awareness is concerning, especially considering the socio-economic and environmental ramifications of alcohol use. From my experience, practical education and open dialogue can play pivotal roles in enhancing understanding and changing perceptions.

One aspect that strikes me is the role of stigma in perpetuating alcohol use disorders. Stigma not only prevents individuals from seeking help but also silences the conversation around alcohol's broader impacts. How can we, as a community, work towards destigmatizing alcohol use disorders and encourage a more informed and empathetic approach to addressing this challenge?

I invite all members to share their insights, experiences, and suggestions on increasing public awareness, improving education, and reducing stigma. Together, we can foster a more informed society that understands the multi-dimensional harms of alcohol and supports those affected.

At, we have free materials addressing various aspects of the prevention and treatment of alcohol use disorders. Today, I'll share information about one of our free courses on this topic, and I'll share others as they are updated.

Substance Use Disorders in Primary Care

<>, see module three for alcohol-specific information.

Thank you for being so dedicated to this important cause. I look forward to a lively and insightful discussion.

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