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Big and small numbers (2)

27 November, 2022


Large numbers: Here is a number for us:

How much memory space do humans have?

“Several petabytes. One petabyte equates to 2,000 years-worth of MP3 song files. We don’t yet know exactly how many connections a single memory needs, of course – or even if its storage can be compared to a digital computer at all."

A little workgroup group is discussing a workshop on planetary health for June 2023 and one presentation may be on what is human consciousness.

We have been looking at Harry Haroutioun Haladjian Ph.D.'s (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/contributors/harry-haroutioun-haladji...) theory of the body’s consciousness. Apparently the brain may match information to stored concepts organizing the information with other similar information and connect new concepts to existing concepts and contexts. Encoding occurs through both automatic and effortful processing.

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