BMJ news: 'Taking down online scientific misinformation isn’t necessary, as most people don’t believe it, says Royal Society' (4)

25 January, 2022

This headline might apply to the UK we're people tend to get their health-related information from credible and trustworthy sources, however, it is less applicable to LMIC. In the latter setting, people tend to believe in persons who speak in English regardless of the credibly of their claims. I received hundreds of messages from people in Iraq believing in video of a 'professor' who claims that COVID vaccine is causing death, infertility and others serious side effects in the future. Removing such videos from online platform might not be that important for the global north, but I argue it is vital for the global south.

HIFA profile: Goran Zangana is a medical doctor and Associate Research Fellow with the Middle East Research Institute, Iraq. He is a HIFA country representative for Iraq and is currently based in the UK. He is the current holder of Country Representative of the Year 2021. goran.zangana AT