Call for papers: Building and restoring trust in science and health information across patient, community and population settings (7)

2 January, 2023

Hello Neil

I would be interested in joining this. [*see note below]

My recent work in Zambia showed the issues of 1) lack of trust and 2) different cultural norms challenging health information, when attempting to implement quality improvement programmes.

The resulting report is in progress.




Dr Marion Lynch

Global Health Consultant and Researcher

Visiting Professor University of West London

Honorary Global Health Advisor THET

Director Quality Education and Research Ltd

Trustee Paintings in Hospitals.

RN and RMN


Phone 00 44 7776244192

Twitter drmarionlynch


HIFA profile: Marion Lynch is a global health consultant and nurse with nearly 40 years of experience in international health service design and education. She has a Doctorate in Health Science and a Visiting Professor in with University of West London. Marion has designed and delivered Masters level quality improvement programmes within the NHS in the UK and led the 2021 THET conference stream on compassion. She is a member of the HIFA Catalyst Group on Learning for quality health services.

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): Thank you Marion. At present there is no concrete activity to respond specifically to this call. I forwarded the call for papers a few weeks ago and various HIFA members have made suggestions. Your recent work in Zambia sounds very interesting and relevant to the call. It is also highly relevant to HIFA's flagship activity for 2023: to consult with HIFA members and beyond to submit a report to WHO by the end of 2023: 'To identify best practices, opportunities and challenges from relevant health related stakeholders, towards pursuing universal access to reliable healthcare information'. As and when you are able, please do share your experience on these issues.]