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Day 1 of ICGBS 2021!

21 July, 2021

Dear CHIFA colleagues,

The online International Conference on Group B Strep (ICGBS) 2021 is now underway! We welcome you to join us. Registration is complimentary at gbsi.me/ICGBS2021

Today’s presentations (uploaded for ease of viewing from any time zone):

July 20 – Keynote

20 million pregnant women with GBS worldwide: deaths, data on disability and delivering change – Joy Lawn, BMedSci, MB BS, MPH, PhD, FRCPCH, FMedSci

July 20 – Maternal GBS Colonization

Two Clinical Trials: The Efficacy of Probiotics to Reduce Antenatal GBS – Lisa Hanson, PhD, CNM, FACNM, FAAN

The Efficacy of an Antenatal Probiotic Intervention to Reduce Residual Group B Streptococcus – Emily Malloy, CNM, APNP, PhD Candidate

Smoking as a risk factor for group B streptococcal colonization during pregnancy – Philip Kum-Nji, MD, MPH

The changing epidemiology of GBS urogenital infections: focus on diabetes and obesity – Ryan Doster, MD, PhD​

July 20 – Pathways of GBS Infection

Impact of gestational diabetes on group B Streptococcus vaginal colonization and dissemination – Kathryn A. Patras, PhD

Understanding the pathophysiology of GBS urinary tract infections in diabetes – Ritwij Kulkarni, MSc, PhD

Group B Streptococcus β-hemolysin/cytolysin Modulates Intestinal Tight Junction Protein Gene Expression – Kristen Dominguez, BA/BS

The Impact of GBS Virulence Factors on Pregnancy and Neonatal Outcomes – Emily Huebner, MS

Need to watch later during the conference? No worries! Presentations can still be accessed from our Presentation Gallery.



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