EHS-COVID (530) Resilient and responsive health systems in a changing world: Call for papers

13 April, 2022

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'The world is amidst one of its greatest public health challenges due to the tragic impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. We have witnessed the extreme strains on health systems but also their resilience and responsiveness to the pressures they have faced. We must also recognize that it is not only COVID-19 that has put a strain on health systems. Other infectious diseases, economic pressures, environmental disasters, staff shortages, and chronic diseases are amongst the many other challenges health systems are facing.

'In support of the challenges that global health systems are facing and UN Sustainable Development Goal 3, Good Health and Well-being, BMC Health Services Research has launched a collection that welcomes submissions that contribute to our understanding of how health systems respond and resist the pressures they face, and how we can sustainably strengthen health systems for the future.

'For more information about the scope of the collection, please read our introductory commentary article written by our Guest Editors.

Resilient and responsive healthcare services and systems: challenges and opportunities in a changing world


Neil Pakenham-Walsh, Global Coordinator HIFA,

Coordinator, WHO-HIFA project on Essential Health Services and COVID-19