New eLearning course ‘Inequality monitoring in HIV, tuberculosis and malaria' launched on OpenWHO

6 June, 2022

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New eLearning course ‘Inequality monitoring in HIV, tuberculosis and malaria’ launched on OpenWHO = Lanzamiento de nuevo curso en línea “Inequality monitoring in HIV, tuberculosis and malaria” en OpenWHO

Source: World Health Organization

Released online: June 2022

Language/Idioma: English

Self-paced course

Accelerating prevention and control efforts among disadvantaged populations who are most at risk is integral to ending the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Accordingly, equity is a focus of global strategies for each disease. Monitoring inequalities in HIV, tuberculosis and malaria is an important part of WHO’s commitment to promote equity by providing insight into how these diseases are experienced across population subgroups. The results of inequality monitoring can guide the development of subsequent in-depth studies to understand the sources and drivers of health inequalities, and to help inform equity-oriented responses where warranted. This free eLearning course introduces the general steps of inequality monitoring in the context of these three diseases. The course is designed for people who have basic knowledge and experience working with HIV, tuberculosis and malaria data, and who carry out monitoring and evaluation of these disease programmes. By the end of the course learners will be able to:

describe how to determine the purpose and scope of monitoring

understand how to obtain data for inequality monitoring

apply basic analytical methods to analyse inequality data

apply good practices in reporting the state of inequality in HIV, TB and malaria; and

describe the process of knowledge translation for promoting the use of data to inform equitable programmes and policies.

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