New WHO guide on how to plan and conduct telehealth consultations with children and adolescents and their families (2)

11 December, 2021

Dear HIFA,

Being in the field of Paediatrics, it's great to know that such issues are addressed and a plan is given to tackle that. [ ]

Teleconsultation might be a an old concept in the west. But, in India it's pretty recent one.

Given the fact that we now live in the most uncertain times. Teleconsultaion will be an effective and efficient mode of consultation.

I don't personally have an experience with teleconsultaion. Since recent studies and even the OPD where I studied from, we found an influx of adolescent coming with sexual abuse, anxiety disorders and many. This data had increased from the previous issues. Teleconsultation becomes even more important.

Adolescent is a tricky age to manage since they go through their development stage of "Identity V/S Role confusion" . This creates an atmosphere of pressure among the teens.

Although it may not be possible to switch to teleconsultaion completely due to poverty and unavailability of necessary technology, collaboration is the key.

Collaboration of the WHO, NGO, educational institutions and the government to provide help in the form of phones to people who cannot afford will definitely help the youngsters to maintain the most important thing i.e health.

Infact the government should invest in the health of their adolescents because they are the future generations.

Warm regards,

Prerna Singh

HIFA profile: Prerna M. Singh is an MSc Nursing student at the Christian Medical College, Vellore, India. Professional interests: Child health; Maternal health; Public health. Email: mprernasingh AT