WHO: Hooking the next generation: how the tobacco industry captures young customers (12) Global Health Now: Big Tobacco’s Behind-The-Scenes Tactics

1 July, 2024

Extracts below from Global Health Now:


Philip Morris International, one of the world’s largest tobacco companies, has positioned itself as a vanguard of a “smoke-free future”—promoting heated tobacco products as a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

But its updated playbook involves seeking to influence scientific studies—and downplaying harmful effects of its new products, per an in-depth report by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.


Among the findings...

Routing funds for research: PMI has targeted academic institutions and specific researchers to produce studies, but it steered funding through third-party “consultancy firms” and “healthcare contractors.”

Insidious influence: These funded studies are often cited in public health policy discussions and factor into marketing around its new products. Many researchers do not disclose PMI's financial support...


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