HIFA welcomes five new Supporting Organisations from Germany, India, Nigeria, UK and USA

1 August, 2015

The HIFA Steering Group is delighted to announce five new HIFA Supporting Organisations from Germany, India, Nigeria, UK and USA: 1. Foundation for Mother and Child Health works to improve the lives of mothers and children in local communities by providing programmes focused on health, nutrition, education and sustainable skills training. FMCH is based in the UK. 2. Holistic Healthcare and Research Centre is based in Hyderabad, India and provides care for patients suffering with chronic diseases. 3. Jiridea Consulting focuses on supporting rural institutions in Nigeria in developing their institutional capacity. 4. Mothers Against Medical Error works to improve health care quality, educate the public and provide support for patients who have experienced medical injury. MAME is based in the USA. 5. OneWorld Medical Network trains medical personnel in developing and emerging countries and supports them by diagnosing difficult patient cases. The organisation is based in Germany. There are now 237 organisations worldwide that support the HIFA vision – a world where every person and every health worker has access to the healthcare information they need to protect their own health and the health of those for whom they are responsible. If the goals of YOUR organisation align with the HIFA vision, please join us: - HIFA Supporting Organisations are under no obligation to provide financial support - HIFA Supporting Organisations are promoted on HIFA publications and website - HIFA Supporting Organisations are invited to explore possibilities for collaboration (please contact us for details). To become a HIFA Supporting Organisation, please download an application form from our home page: www.hifa2015.org Dr Neil Pakenham-Walsh Coordinator, HIFA On behalf of the HIFA Steering Group