Muhammad Asaduzzaman, HIFA Country Representative Bangladesh, publishes blog about HIFA on ICDDR,B website

20 May, 2017

Read the blog on the ICDDR,B website: Healthcare information for all to lower death and suffering

Muhammad Asaduzzaman is the One Health Fellow for South Asia, currently working as Research Investigator at Laboratory Sciences & Services Division, International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b). Professional interests: Epidemiology, AMR, Zoonotic diseases, Public Health, One Health. He is a HIFA Country Representative for Bangladesh.

ICDDR,B is one of the world’s leading global health research institutes. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, ICDDR,B is committed to solving public health problems facing low- and middle-income countries through innovative scientific research. ICDDR,B is a longstanding HIFA Supporting Organisation