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The Network: Towards Unity for Health

The Network: Towards Unity for Health is an international non-profit organization that fosters equitable community-oriented health services, education and research with the goal of improving health locally and globally. The network convenes innovative health care organizations, universities, community institutions, and thought leaders from all over the world.


Philadelphia , PA
United States
Pennsylvania US

Community Focus Group

Based in Kenya Community Focus Group has a Covid-19 community Hygiene project that builds the capacity of Community Health Workers and others to inform, educate the community on Covid-19 prevention measures, gives out face masks and sanitizers among other activities. CFG works to improve the health of teenage mothers and their newborns, and are currently fundraising for this project, the aged and the aging, and youth in matters in Covid-19 and HIV/AIDS.



Community Development for Peace

CDP stands for Community Development for Peace. This organization was founded in 2013. It has been registered under the Bangladesh Government act of 1961, voluntary and social welfare organization (registration and monitoring) ordinance (46), of the Ministry of Social Welfare, people’s republic of Bangladesh. As it has been registered as a nonprofit organization, Community Development for Peace works around the nation to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve women rights and education.



Ibn Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine and Sciences

Ibn Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine and Sciences was founded in 2000. It was named after a well known personality among the physicians of Unani medicine and scientists of physical science since medieval times. It is a non governmental and non profit organisation. Membership is open to everyone who has an interest in or would like to contribute by studying the History of Medieval Medicine and Sciences.


Uttar Pradesh


CARENIDHI are devoted to the promotion of education and applied research in the field of neurodevelopmental disabilities in children, ensuring that people who live and work with disabled persons have the know-how. CARENIDHI attempts to bridge the gap between research and practice, knowledge and application.


Delhi , DL
Delhi IN

ZTwist Design

The ZTwist team believes that art and design can be the answer to the world’s most pressing problems. Combining years of global health nonprofit experience with design and writing skills, we bring an interdisciplinary and inclusive approach to tackling challenges faced by communities at home and abroad. As collaboration specialists, we improve information equity worldwide by working with international artists and local languages.


United States


'Bridge2Aid fights the causes of poverty in some of the poorest communities in the developing world. We do this by strengthening local healthcare systems – specifically by training local healthcare workers in the provision of emergency dental treatment. Oral disease, infection and chronic pain, desperately need to be addressed in these communities to enable people to work, attend school and care for their families. Initially, we have developed our programme in rural Tanzania, and our long term plan is to roll this training out to any country where there is a need.


United Kingdom

Global Rehabilitation

'Global Rehabilitation is a small UK-registered charity working to improve rehabilitation services in low-income countries. We work primarily in Madagascar. Rehabilitation has the potential to transform the lives of millions of people with disability, allowing independence and inclusion.'


United Kingdom

African Development and Empowerment Foundation

'African Development and Empowerment Foundation is a group of health professionals and other passionate youths doing all we can to contribute to the achievement of SDGs in Africa, and eventually beyond. We are committed to enhancing knowledge, demand, and access to quality healthcare and Family Planning among vulnerable and marginalized adolescent girls and women, thereby promoting Sexual Reproductive Health Right. We train Community Birth Attendants to incorporate them into the health system thereby reducing maternal and child mortality.'




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