Pakistan Medical Students Research Society

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SO non-financial
Pakistan Medical Students’ Research Society (PMSRS) follows a vision to promote medical research in medical students. Moreover, it plans to stand as an entity which is followed as a role-model organization to promote research in Pakistan and other countries. The main purpose of this society is to help medical students to conduct their researches from the initial years of their medical schooling. This vision is being converted into a reality by carrying out hands-on workshops and seminars. Furthermore, Student Mentor Link Project is a project that connects researchers and students together. PMSRS has also launched a project named Student Jouranl Club where students discuss the latest articles published in reputable journals across the globe. To develop more interests among the members of our society, PMSRS publishes research newsletter which updates about the activities of the society. PMSRS also has a project named Research Presentation Assistance where students are helped to develop Research Posters, Oral Presentations and assisted in poster printing cost. Moreover, Abstract Assistance Project offers free editing for students before sending their abstracts to a conference. Our team of Coordinators in different universities across Pakistan, have been helping PMSRS to conduct workshops in their insititutes. Furthermore, members of PMSRS, share the same dream of promoting research in Pakistan.