Communicating health research (43) PAHO: Unproven Treatments in Emergency Situations: 'Not Everything Goes'

18 September, 2022

As we read this report from PAHO about itsstudy relating to how interventions were introduced to patient care during the heady days of the tragic covid-19 Pandemic. A number of quotes appealed to us, especially as we discuss on ‘Communicating Research to Policy Makers’ on the HIFA platform:

*'During the COVID-19pandemic, hundreds of interventions have been prescribed, promoted, and, tovarying degrees, studied. Of these interventions, only a handful have ultimately proved to be effective and safe.'

*'This study identified nearly 3500 adverse reactions to azithromycin, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and other drugs used withoutevidence for efficacy against COVID-19 before August 31, 2020. Of those adverseevents, almost 12% (415) were classified as serious.'

*'"Doing things right shortens time instead of lengthening it. When the methodology is followed, results are achieved mor quickly," he said.

This does not seem to have been the most widely adopted approach in the early days of the pandemic, during which time hundreds of thousands or millions of patients were exposed to harmless as well as potentially dangerous drugs and other products. This happened through low-quality clinical trials or discretionary off-label indications of drugs already approved for other conditions, as has been the case with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine'

*’that emergency situations should not be anexcuse to abandon the ethical and methodologic precepts that regulate clinicalresearch and the use of untested drugs in exceptional conditions.

*’That cannot happen again in anotherhealth emergency."

*"'Shortcuts Are Tempting andDangerous" "It Cannot Happen Again"'


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Unproven Treatments in Emergency Situations: 'Not Everything Goes,' Warns the Pan American Health Organization

Matías A. Loewy

September 14, 2022

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