The Drum Beat - What Have We Learned from Polio Eradication So Far?

16 February, 2022

The Drum Beat is the email and web network of the Communication Initiative, 'convening the communication and media development, social and behaviour change community'. The current collection is of paraticular interest, and contains several papers on

* mobilising the community

* working with religious groups

* offering incentives

* engaging in advocacy

* considering implementation lessons

The Drum Beat 808 - What Have We Learned from Polio Eradication So Far?

'Strong, vibrant, growing, dynamic fields of work learn from each other. This mutual learning is particularly important for people and organisations seeking to support the growth of informed and engaged societies. Polio eradication has seen extensive and successful investment and focus from many governments, communities, international agencies, and technical experts. What has been learned in areas such as mobilising communities, working with religious leaders, offering incentives, or engaging in advocacy that could be of value to such diverse development efforts as governance, climate change, child mortality reduction, the push to build more equitable societies, and more?'

Best wishes, Neil

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator,