Introduction: Khin Thet Wai, Myanmar

7 July, 2022

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Dr. Khin Thet Wai is a former Director at the Department of Medical Research, Myanmar. She is a medical doctor and holds the Master’s degree in Public Health from Institute of Medicine 1, Yangon and has a second Master’s degree conferred by the Institute for Population and Social Research, Mahidol University, Thailand. She is a dedicated public health researcher specializing Epidemiology and Health Policy and Systems Research. She has joined the National Courses on Structured Operational Research Training Initiative (SORT IT) funded by WHO-TDR in Myanmar (2015-2019) as a mentor and as the Knowledge Management Consultant (WHO-TDR) in the SORT IT program (Module 4) for Antimicrobial Resistance (2020). Also, she has been one of the national facilitators in Data to Policy Training in collaboration with Vital Strategies, Bloomberg Philanthropies and CDC, United States. She is one of the Scientists of WHO-TDR Global and the Regional Network on Asian Schistosomiasis and other Zoonotic Helminths (RNAS+). She has been appointed as a local coordinator by Forum for Ethics Review Committees in Asia and the Pacific (FERCAP) in May 2020. She has authored and co-authored over 60 international and national publications including research ethics. She currently serves as an Editorial Board Member at BMC Public Health and BMC Health Services Research Journals, as an Academic Editor at PLoS ONE journal and at the editorial boards of Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal and Myanmar Medical Journal.

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