Report - State of inequality: HIV, tuberculosis and malaria

12 January, 2022

State of inequality: HIV, tuberculosis and malaria

Author: World Health Organization

Published online: December 2021

"This report is the first systematic global analysis of the state of inequality in HIV, TB and malaria. Drawing from two decades of global data about for a range of disease indicators and multiple dimensions of inequality, it aims to facilitate a broad understanding of inequalities in HIV, TB and malaria. The state of inequality analysis assesses the latest situation of inequality (2011-2020), and shows how this compares to the previous decade (2001-2010). For each disease, analyses are contextualized within the current state of knowledge from the broader literature, including information about key and underserved populations. The report examines the implications of the findings, featuring examples of approaches to address unfair and remediable inequalities and opportunities for strengthening inequality monitoring. Additional resources accompany the report, including interactive visuals and data".

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