HIFA Survey Report

4 May, 2019

The results of the HIFA members survey (HIFA-English) are now available!

Since it was launched in 2006, HIFA has rapidly evolved to become what it is today: a dynamic global health network of more than 19,000 members in nearly every country, ranging from ministers of health and senior executives at WHO to community health workers and patient representatives. This survey was coordinated by HIFA Steering Group member Martin Carroll with support from the HIFA Steering Group. The survey was designed to measure the value of HIFA and how it might be further improved.


  • 104 responses
  • 100% of respondents say “The messages/discussions on the HIFA forum are always (23%), often (54%), sometimes (16%) or occasionally (7%) relevant to my professional activities/interests”
  • 93% of respondents encourage others to join HIFA
  • 81% say 'HIFA helps me to understand global health issues'
  • 85% say 'HIFA helps me to learn about publications, services and organizations'
  • 45% say 'HIFA has enabled me to make at least one new contact (with an individual and/or organisation)'
  • 30% of respondents share messages from the forum with others

Dozens of specific examples were shared where HIFA has directly benefited members and their organisations. Many suggestions were offered for HIFA to be improved even further in the future.

1. Create a new guide on how to engage more effectively with HIFA
2. Explore potential for tagging messages so that members can elect to follow specific topics
3. Reach out to new organisations
4. Adapt and extend the survey to CHIFA (child health and rights), HIFA-French, HIFA-Portuguese and HIFA-Spanish.

Our thanks to Martin Carroll (survey coordinator) and Najeeb Al-Shorbaji (Arabic version). Please spread the word to your contacts and networks and invite them to join us!