Nand Wadhwani

The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust

Nand Wadhwani is a Founding Trustee of The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust (MCHET) Over the past 2 decades he has launched several programmes to address the challenge of improving access to essential health and nutrition information in low- and middle-income countries. MCHET works primarily in the areas of mother and child nutrition, water, hygiene, sanitation and diarrhoea prevention, treatment, control and management. Nand firmly believes that the most effective and efficient way to advance health education is by employing a mix of established and newer communication technologies to deliver contextually-appropriate messages directly to the people who need it most. He is presently working on the global implementation of HealthPhone, a family of free illiterate-friendly mobile phone apps. with preloaded, reliable, relevant health and nutrition material in various formats in local languages. Using rich multimedia, HealthPhone puts life-saving and life-changing content directly in the hands of those who can use it in an accessible format and with 24x7 availability, everywhere. He is a member of the HIFA Steering Group and mHIFA Working Group.


Working group membership(s):
Mobile HIFA (mHIFA)